Context Communications provides targeted content creation that calls for action.

We are focused on ensuring your company gets the attention it deserves from its target market.

We provide a full spectrum of communications and content development services and social media support.

We create marketing collateral that engages and interacts with your customers so your business stays ahead. 

We are your perfect fit on this journey of discovery, where we share revolutionary ideas with focused, tactical strategies that will define your business. 


Sanju Vigneswaran

Founder, Director

Context Communications was founded by Sanju, a journalist and writer.
She has been an active contributor to local and international publications in areas of business, finance, corporate and property. Publications she has been associated with include Focus Malaysia, Calibre, Smart Investor and Asia Asset Management. 

She spent a few years lecturing on areas of strategic management, human resources, marketing and business before she entered the training & development industry. 

Dylan Thavaratnam

Oil & Gas Consultant

Dylan's experience spans over three decades in Aeronautics, Marine and Oil & Gas

A meticulous and diligent individual, Dylan had carved a reputation as an internationally acclaimed hull & marine specialist, He has also presented papers at several Oil & Gas conventions and worked on numerous projects locally and abroad. 

Dylan provides engineering support services in the upstream Oil & Gas industry and manages the manpower placement services for the company. 

Avigna Krish

Director, Publishing

Young and enthusiastic, Avigna injects the fresh, Gen Z talent into the company. Apart from handling our publishing arm, Avigna manages the boring, routine office administration with such zest, it almost looks fun! 

In his free time, Avigna is an avid marine enthusiast and aspires to deepen his involvement in Marine Conservation, with a special focus on shark preservation, 

He is currently pursuing a degree in Marine Science from University of Queensland. 


Context Communications
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